Oct 10

Today is Puan Ten's Birthday 10 Oct! 10Pm!

Hi Earthli
ngs, I'm going to run away from home after pmr, please be aware of me, hahaha, here i go again, my timetable for running away,

I run to piramid walk2, then at night go FengTaoo!,
Next Morning Ac foos, Pool, then CC, then go lepak lepak smoking!,
I am gonna get 2000 ringgit to run away,
yea man!
Fuck home,
My dad found out i smoke, and then he put no smoking sign at home TT

For Pmr, Hard to get below A but Easy to Get A.

Signing Off Phang(:

Oct 7th

PMR Examination Day No.1,
I am steaming in this two subject examination whole time,
When i look at Elizabeth Almardy, wow, steaming proses determinate.

Oh well, Goodluck for those form 3 students

Signing off (: ChenHui

Oct 5th

My dad scolded me and insulted me THIS "You are worst than the indians outside", "Even the dog is much more obedient than you", "If i were you, i jump down from the building and kill myself" "you are nothing like me, you are a rubbish worst than a rubbish", "im sending the dogs to SPCA, i wonder where should i send you" WTF is this, just because i didnt bring my books back and he fuck me kao2, im still waiting after pmr, after that, bye HOME! i hate Saturday and Sunday, at home facing you, you say buy me many things for me, but do you think i like them? stupid watch, i had never get a Nike or Adidas shoe from you accept, stupid malaysia brand, you never buy me a phone, you are not like my mom and you have no right to insult her infront of my tuition teacher, if you dont like me, throw me out of the house, do you think i like you? Every night dinner, we eat, there is never peace, you kept on scolding me, you tried to use fork to poke me, what a father, HONESTLY, YOU FAIL TEACHING YOUR OWN SON, SLAPPING AND PUNCHING ME, AINT GONNA CHANGE ME, YOU'RE DEAD MAN.

Signing off ): ChenHui

Oct 2nd

This is My Best Friend!

Mahathir, let our heart melt as one,
You make me smile like no other day!

Oct 1st

Guess what, Nurhaznina is a cry baby!
She cry also can laugh, multitasking on her face! (:
Dont cry, woman dont cry for men, men cry for woman,

Guess what, aliya in the morning got period ache LOLS ==
Hahahaha, i also got,
Subject Ache? Period = Subject,
Haha lame,
My Subject Ache make my testis bleed,

Guess what, i miss Mahathir, i know her misses me,
Mahathir, you make me smile like no other day (:
Okay la,

Signing Off (: ChenHui

Capítulo XIV

PMR coming but i'm still half-dead for it, hmm, i bet there's a an Indian Examiner, haha.



Capítulo trece

This world, this world seem so cold,
I'm feeling empty, I'm feeling lonely,
No one seem to care,
Walking on this streets,
Nobody is around, is empty,

One day, I saw this light,
It gave me hope, but it's moving,
Running towards the light,
I'm free from the darkness,
Then I saw you, My Angel,

I tried to ask her, for a date,
Am i scared or just love make me a total loser,
I had to chase after you, before you make a move,
I can't let this feeling end,
Chasing for love.

To Be Continued!
Signing Off -ChenHui- (: